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Fred & Eleana Weill


"To The Stearns Custom  Family Builders,


After building & renovating several homes in our lifetime, our overall  experience throughout the entire design, planning, creative and building process of our custom home with Stearns exceeded all of our expectations, something not easy to do in the Weill family. The generosity of time afforded us by the Stearns team in the years leading up to our breaking ground in researching layouts, materials, interior wood working requirements and throughout the overall creative process of building a true "custom" home was truly one of a kind and for this we are forever grateful.


Most notable from our point of view was the concern and their extreme willingness to please my wife and I in delivering what we had been looking to accomplish in the home speaks for itself when viewing the final product delivered to us a bit over a year ago. Their attention to detail was managed by the Stearns team literally on an hour to hour, day to day basis never taking their eye off the ball which speaks volumes in today's world of rushing things through without the attention required to detail, getting things right from the start of each part of the project. This oversight allowed my wife and I to be a part of the process and to adapt as the project progressed.. As Derrick Stearns, President of SCB mentioned from the get-go, seeing something on paper vs. actually seeing it built at times are two different things, therefore the flexibility allowed to us by the Stearns team to adapt on the fly made for an incredible fun filled experience. We literally could not wait to visit the house during construction to see its progression and the craftsmanship being applied in delivering to us all those little details that made for a cozy, beautiful house that met the feel, look and layout we craved to build. This could not have happened without the willingness of SCB to research each item and then marry our desires with just the right craftsman to "bring it to life". Time consuming for the SCB team but a beautiful well thought out house was delivered to us!


A Outstanding  job by the entire Stearns team and where most building experiences have been known to be a bit painful, our end result was to now proudly call the Stearns team our friends enjoying dinner and cocktails many times in our new well built, custom designed home... Our nicest home to date and treasured new friends!"




Jim and Delta Garnett


"Stearns Custom Builders sets the bar for quality construction in residential home building today. They have a talented crew made up of family members and other professional trades people, all with a mutual goal; to build the highest quality house available. They are refreshing in their approach to home construction. We have seen them send back materials that do not measure up to their high standards. If they are not satisfied with a sub’s work, the family and crew take over and do the job. They all work together with a “yes we can do that” attitude. Each night the job site was left organized, clean, and neat. This is a company which, unlike most today, is dedicated to perfection in construction. Hats off to the Stearns crew, especially Scott and Derrick. They are the best of the best."


Mike and Jo Marttila


"Our building experience with Stearns Custom Builders has been nothing short of excellent. Communication, workmanship, punctuality, consideration and integrity were a constant throughout the whole project. The finished product is a very well built lovely custom home and very thankful homeowners."


Dan and Melinda Sheehy


"Stearns Custom Builders have done many projects for us over the years, all of which we have been pleased with the quality of their workmanship and their attention to detail. We have recommended them to friends as the "go to" contractor on Pine Island."


Elizabeth M. Lashley


"I am so happy with my kitchen. From the time you left, there was not an issue with any of the workmanship, with the completion or with the entire operation. My husband and I are both so happy....our money was so well spent. YOU all did the best job...each day cleaning up and making the area at least livable. Every evening you left the kitchen to where we could see the making of a great addition to our home and each day we both were so excited. Thank you so much."


Mike Kellogg


"I have used Stearns Custom Builders for three projects, all with excellent results, great quality and very professional. From small jobs to large remodels, they will handle it all with great results."


Dr. and Mrs. Jim Cole


"Our experience with the addition to our house that was done by Stearns Custom Builders was an overall pleasant experience. The project had several challenges associated with it. In addition to working around the weather, they also had to work around our summer guests. The Stearns's were extremely cooperative and pleasant as they changed their work schedule to accommodate our guests.


We are so pleased with the end results. The addition is exactly as we contracted and the quality of work is superior. We will have the Stearns handle our construction needs in the future."


Terry Rodriguez


"It was a delight working with you, your family and crew throughout the entire design and construction process. You listened to my ideas and came up with a great floor plan and design resulting in a beautiful home. I always felt that you worked to create the best home with an amazing attention to detail and first class workmanship. Our weekly conversations and pictures you provided were greatly appreciated, I felt as I was part of building my home which wasn’t easy to do as I am not local.

Thank you for an outstanding experience and for the beautiful home."


John and Debbie Barnum


"We would like to thank you for the amazing house you built for us. We appreciated the weekly photos and phone calls keeping us up to date. As you know, we were not local. Therefore, we could not visit the job site. You made us feel very comfortable from the start.


The integrity and pride of you and your crew shines throughout our beautiful home. I smile every time I come home.


We wanted an island inspired house and you came through. You built a custom home that blends into the older neighborhood we built in. You were open to our ideas and vision and came through beyond our expectations. All the detailed finish work, unique to your family business, really shines through.


It was a pleasure working with you, Darsey, Dave, and Scott.


Thank You Again"



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Stearns Custom Builders

5400 Pine Island Road,  Suite B

Bokeelia, FL 33922

239.283.5597    ·   FL Lic. CGC1515057

Stearns Custom Builders

5400 Pine Island Road,  Suite B

Bokeelia, FL 33922

239.283.5597    ·   FL Lic. CGC1515057